My name is Julie Hill. I live in Saint Louis with my cute husband and equally cute pup. I am a graphic designer focusing on invitations, custom drawings and dog portraits. Normal combination of things, right? I think it all started when I won a contest for drawing a picture of Rudolph at age 6. At least that’s what my parents tell me.  Thanks to encouragement from friends, teachers and family I have always pursued art and looked for a way to make it my career. I studied Fine Arts at Meramac college, although I did not graduate (these bios are for being honest right?). I offer a unique perspective when it comes to my art. I know nothing about computer based graphic design and I do not have a degree from an art school. What I do have is a need to create, an eye for classic composition, and taste that you can’t acquire at any school. All of my work is hand drawn. I don’t know any other way. What you will find on this website is a collection of my drawings, invitations, and portraits that I have done over the last few years. I love bringing peoples ideas to life and nothing is more fulfilling than creating something out of nothing. Let me work with you and create something that will be timeless, beautiful and uniquiely you!